Surveying Mapping and Analysis with Drones in Indonesia

surveying mapping and analysis with drones in indonesia

Surveying Mapping and Analysis with Drones Indonesia

As a next-generation technology, drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), are innovating common surveying and mapping analysis with great relevance. Drones include extremely detailed 3d images, vector mapping plans, metric orthophotography and photographs as topographic results to carry out comprehensive cartographic work, replacing conventional 3D measuring tools and detection devices.


The most popular aim of surveying is to bring the designs produced in engineering and architecture departments to life, as well as to analyse structures, create urban planning, manage land, assist in earthworks and mining operations. From unmanned drone flights, topographical surveys with high precision can be carried out. Mapping specific infrastructures diligently, as well as huge land areas; managing to digitise large surfaces in one day.


The georeferenced MDT (Digital Terrain Model) can be obtained in digital format after the topography operation in the first case, and then studied using software applications, including Pix4D, Agisoft, Photoscan, etc. With all of this, users can easily, reliably and at any point check the model created to get the most out of it possible: lengths, superelevations, and so on.

surveying mapping and analysis with drones indonesia

Advantages of Surveying and Mapping with Drones


A centimetre-resolution 3D model is obtained to operate with the scanned surface once the drone flight is completed. Achieving the following topographical advantages in this way:


  • Quality and reliability: lowering the expense of the operation and reducing hours spent. The whole region is modelled in one go and the required steps are subsequently taken in the model, preventing subsequent field work.

  • Range and performance: achieving better reach when reaching areas that are hard for people to access or that render topographical measurements difficult, clear spaces in lush forests, precipice ledges, etc...

  • Paperwork and relevant data: In addition to taking their color data , providing captures of millions of points, providing the exact appearance of the surfaces that display the high resolution clouds obtained.

  • Protection and price: By not having to work in risk areas, it greatly ensures the safety of workers. Reducing the expense of surveying personal and tool prices.